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WingButter® Dipping Sauce: #13 : Nuclear Explosion : Hot Horseradish : 10.0 oz Kit

  • $ 1095

WingButter® Nuclear Explosion is a horseradish-infused wing sauce traditionally used on chicken wings and made from blue agave, cream cheese, butter, horseradish, habanero & ghost peppers. The heat profile includes a nasal horseradish sensation followed by the habanero & ghost peppers that add heat to really spice up your grilled chicken and pulled pork. Try outfitting your next sandwich or sub with this super hot horseradish sauce to create a fantastic lunch sensation or use as a dip to really pump up your fries and tater tots!

This is a 2-bottle, 10.0-oz sauce kit that includes our 5.0 oz base Constellation WingButter® with a 5.0 oz Eye of Rah Sauce in a 1:1 ratio. This kit will cover about 30 medium-sized chicken wings.

two 5.0 oz (150 ml) bottles