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About Us

Making sauces for decades and incorporated in 2010, Triiifecto Planetary Pepper Sauces produces pepper recipes from so sweet to high heat! Too many companies in our industry attempt to compete by making their sauces the hottest sauces on the planet. Triiifecto aims to make "pepper" recipes that look good, smell good and taste good. You pick the heat based on our heat scales described below.

Our original scale leverages the planet's general proximity to our solar system's sun and increases the heat of the sauce in relation to the average kelvin temperature of the planet the sauce represents! Then, the next stage takes us through the sequential stages of a star's life followed by a deity-based set to complete the collection of gourmet pepper sauces.

Original Planetary Scale:
     #02 Saturn Peach Vidalia Onion
     #04 Mars Kiwi-Jalapeno
     #06 Earth Mango-Habanero
     #07 Mercury Chipotle-Chile
     #08 Venus Louisiana Style
Hot Pepper Sun Scale:
     #09 Sun Original Tomato-Habanero
     #10 RedGiant Chipotle-Habanero
     #11 Supernova Mango-Ghost
     #12 BlackHole Blackberry-Ghost
Insane Pepper Deity Scale:
     #13 EyeOfRa Horseradish-Trinidad
     #14 GhostAmaterasu Chipotle-Moruga
     #15 SunReaper Carolina Reaper

For our WingButter® sauces, we use a scale based on phenomenon you can experience from Earth. The scale starts with our base sweet & spicy sauce and climbs through rarer or higher energy phenomena.

#05 Constellation Sweet & Spicy
#07 MeteorShower Chipotle
#08 LightningStorm Louisiana
#09 SolarEclipse Ghost
#10 SolarFlares Hot Chipotle
#13 NuclearExplosion Hot Horseradish
#15 GammaRadiation Insane Carolina Reaper

Triiifecto also offers our commercial line of bulk sauces intended for restaurant kitchen & tabletop use. We have bulk jalapeno, chipotle, cayenne, orange habanero, red habanero, ghost & scorpion sauces.  All bulk sauces are properly processed & ready for immediate use in kitchen recipes of for refilling tabletop bottles of sauce for your customers.

We also have a numeric scale on the bottle and jar caps using the numbers 0 through 15, the higher the number, the higher the heat! In some cases we have a symbol on the cap representing the sauce - all sauces with cap symbols instead of numbers are super hot!

As a tertiary scale, the various pepper sauces leverage the Scoville units to indicate the overall heat of the sauce. We use peppers that range from 3,000 to 2,000,000 Scoville units. However, the overall resulting heat when mixed with other ingredients to create the differing flavors and regulate the pH can "dillute" the hottest pepper in a sauce down to the 50,000 range. Our bottles include the estimated resulting Scoville units for each pepper sauce using a pepper vine graphic and numeric Scoville value.