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WingButter® Dipping Sauce: #10 : Solar Flares : Hot Chipotle : 10.0 oz Kit

  • $ 995

WingButter® Solar Flares is the older brother of the #7 chipotle kit traditionally used on chicken wings and made from blue agave, cream cheese, butter, chipotle, habanero & ghost peppers. The heat is significantly higher than its younger brother counterpart due to the addition of ghost peppers that add heat to really spice up your grilled chicken and pulled pork. Try outfitting your next sandwich or sub with this hot chipotle sauce to create a fantastic lunch sensation or use as a dip to really pump up your fries and tater tots!

This is a 2-bottle, 10.0-oz sauce kit that includes our 5.0 oz base Constellation WingButter® with a 5.0 oz Red Giant Sauce in a 1:1 ratio. This kit will cover about 30 medium-sized chicken wings.

two 5.0 oz (150 ml) bottles