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WingButter® Dipping Sauce: #15 : Gamma Radiation : Insane Carolina Reaper : 10.0 oz Kit

  • $ 1295

WingButter® Solar Eclipse is the insane version of our signature base sweet & spicy sauce traditionally used on chicken wings and made from blue agave, cream cheese, butter, cayenne, habanero, ghost and Carolina Reaper peppers. The heat is extremely higher than the base, chipotle or hot sauces due to the Reaper peppers that add heat to supercharge your grilled chicken and pulled pork. Try outfitting your next sandwich or sub with this insane sauce to create an unbelievably-hot lunch sensation or use as a dip to overwhelm your fries and tater tots!

This is a 2-bottle, 10.0-oz sauce kit that includes our 5.0 oz base Constellation WingButter® with a 5.0 Sun Reaper Pepper Sauce in a 1:1 ratio. This kit will cover about 30 medium-sized chicken wings.

two 5.0 oz (150 ml) bottles