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Pepper Sauce : #14 : Ghost Amaterasu : Insane Moruga : 5.0 oz

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When we embarked on the creation of a pepper sauce recipe that was willing to go down the path of just being able to provide some extreme amounts of heat without a great deal of focus on much else, we had to go female.  The ghost of the sun goddess, Amaterasu, was our elected representative to help leverage the Moruga Scorpion pepper along with the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) and habanero peppers.  Simply put, Ghost Amaterasu's focus was all on heat and allowed to have the peppers provide whatever aroma and flavor came along with the package.  We were greatly rewarded with what these peppers are able to produce all by themselves!  The Ghost Amaterasu pepper sauce packs a significant amount of heat and is not for everyone.  Please use with caution!

5 oz (150 ml) bottle