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Pepper Sauce : #13 : Eye of Rah : Horseradish-Scorpion : 5.0 oz

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What could be better than having one pepper sauce to rule them all?  Introducing the Sun God, Rah.  We spent a great deal of time on this recipe to make sure it has a very special Triiifecto signature experience profile.  The horseradish almost immediately creates that popular breath-taking sensation followed by the heat of the red habanero.  Then, just when the horseradish effect has all but completely dissipated and the red habanero begins its descent towards cooling off, the Butch T. Trinidad Scorpion pepper begins to rise in a lingering and steady 3rd phase of the overall experience.  Few hot sauces can reproduce this type of trio of sensations all in one pepper sauce blend.  The Eye of Rah packs a significant amount of heat and is not for everyone.  Please use with caution.

5 oz (150 ml) bottle