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Pepper Sauce : 06-Bottle Kits : 1.0 oz bottles

  • $ 1595

Our 6-bottle Medium Triiifecto Planetary Pepper Sauce kit in a 1.0 oz bottle set. Enjoy 6 pepper sauces for those who love a variety of flavor & heat!

The Medium kit includes Saturn peach-vidalia onion, Mars kiwi-jalapeno, Earth mango-habanero, Mercury chipotle, Venus Louisiana-style and Sun original hot sauce.

The Hot kit includes Mercury chipotle, Venus Louisiana-style, Sun original hot sauce, Red Giant ghost-chipotle, Supernova mango-ghost and Black Hole blackberry-ghost.

The Super Hot kit includes Red Giant ghost-chipotle, Supernova mango-ghost and Black Hole blackberry-ghost, Eye of Rah horseradish-trinidad, Ghost Amaterasu moruga and Sun Reaper carolina reaper.

Want to customize your own kit? Send us a separate email (or reply to the order confirmation email) with your *Customized* option & 6-bottle kit selections so we can fill with only your favorites (duplicates accepted within same kit)!